FACE AIDS at NYU is a student-run empowerment movement to fight HIV/AIDS and promote global health equity. Today's youth are the first to experience AIDS as a consistent global reality, so we have a certain responsibility to be leaders in the global response to HIV/AIDS. FACE AIDS makes an impact via awareness raising campaigns throughout the US and fundraising campaigns to provide basic socio-economic skills to many Rwandans in need.

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On World AIDS Day, United States President Barack Obama pledged an additional $50 million in spending on HIV and AIDS treatment in the US, where only 28% of the 1.2 million Americans living with the infection have it under control. The President also hopes to provide treatment to 6 million people worldwide by 2013, up from an earlier goal of 4 million. 

"We can beat this disease. We can win this fight. We just have to keep at it, today, tomorrow and every day until we get to zero."

You can read the official transcript of the speech here.

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